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The consequences of divorce don’t just begin or end when the papers are signed; more often it can effect you during and the aftermath can affect you for a long time emotionally. Divorce isn’t just a law issue, it’s a life issue. Your whole world is turned  upside down, and everything becomes confusing and upsetting for everyone around you as well as yourself. This is where I come in.  When parents decide to separate, often followed by divorce, it’s the children who should be made the top priority. This is where I come in. Domestic Abuse is NEVER acceptable; whether it’s physical, verbal or emotional,  I can help get you.


I will represent you in your divorce with commitment and strength. I understand that a divorce is not just a law issue but a life issue. I will help you deal with it on your terms.  I will represent you personally. Together we will prepare your case thoroughly. Preparation is the key to success in your matter. You are the most important person in your divorce matter. I will keep you in the loop and in doing so you will  be actively involved in your case and keep your legal cost as low as possible.

 I look forward to hearing from you and assisting you in your family law matter.   

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Attorney At Law South Africa 

If you are living in the UK and need help with family matters either here or in South Africa - I can help.

If you are living in South Africa and need help in the UK - I can help

To help you with law and with life during and after divorce

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